Navigating the HRIS Marketplace

Brett Ungashick
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Embarking on the journey to select the right HR Tech for your organization can be a complex process, but OutSail's HRIS Marketplace is designed to simplify this journey by providing a wealth of data and insights to inform your decision. This article will guide you on how to navigate the HRIS Marketplace effectively, understand vendor profiles, and make the most of the data presented.

Home Screen: The Heat Map

Upon entering the HRIS Marketplace, you'll be greeted by the Heat Map - a comprehensive summary table showcasing the most suitable HRIS solutions for your needs. The Heat Map ranks the top 12 vendors using OutSail's HRIS Match Score, a proprietary algorithm based on three critical components:

  • Size Match & Scalability: Ensuring the system works well for your current size and anticipates future growth.

  • Feature Match: Assessing if the vendor offers the modules you need.

  • Characteristic Match: Evaluating if the vendor's strengths align with your project goals.

Views: Different Lenses to Explore Vendors

OutSail offers six distinct views to analyze the HRIS Marketplace from various perspectives:

  1. Heatmap: Summarizes the top vendors based on the OutSail Match Score.

  2. Size Match & Scalability: Visualizes your current and projected headcount against each vendor's average customer size, helping you identify the most suitable solutions for both today and the future.

  3. Feature Match: Displays must-have and nice-to-have modules against each vendor's offerings, confirming feature availability.

  4. Characteristic Match: Aligns your primary and secondary project goals with each vendor's strengths, ensuring a good match.

  5. Pros & Cons: Offers insights into each platform's strengths and weaknesses based on continuous market research, aiding in a more informed decision-making process.

  6. Table View: Compiles all views into a comprehensive table, allowing for a holistic comparison across multiple criteria.

To further hone in on the most relevant vendors, OutSail provides filters based on your specific needs:

  • Payroll Optional: Filters out 'Payroll Mandatory' vendors, showing only those that offer flexible payroll solutions.

  • Globally Capable: Displays vendors equipped to support multinational companies with localization, currency support, language support, and global payroll capabilities.

  • Show All Vendors: Expands your view beyond the top 12 to include a broader range of HRIS solutions in the marketplace.

Sorting: Prioritizing Your Criteria

OutSail enables you to sort the HRIS marketplace according to various priorities:

  1. Match Score: The default setting, using OutSail's comprehensive matching algorithm.

  2. Size Match & Scalability: Focuses on vendors suited to your company's size and growth trajectory.

  3. Feature Match: Highlights vendors that offer all required modules.

  4. Characteristic Match: Prioritizes vendors aligned with your project goals.

  5. Software Costs: Orders vendors by the lowest annual software fees.

  6. Implementation Costs: Sorts vendors by the lowest setup fees.

As you navigate the HRIS Marketplace, you can adjust your Project Scope & Project Goals to explore how different settings impact the results. This flexibility allows you to continuously refine your search criteria based on evolving needs or new insights.

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