Requesting Demos with Your Top Finalists

Brett Ungashick
Last Updated: 1 month ago

After thoroughly exploring the HRIS Marketplace, utilizing filters, sorting tools, and various views, deep diving into vendor profiles, and refining your shortlist with the guidance of your OutSail advisor, you're now poised to take the next critical step in your HRIS selection journey: requesting demos with your top finalists. This stage is pivotal as it transitions your theoretical research into practical evaluation, allowing you to interact directly with the solutions that have piqued your interest. Here's how to navigate this process seamlessly on OutSail.

Choosing Your Finalists

OutSail supports evaluating up to four vendors simultaneously. This limitation is designed to streamline your selection process, preventing an overload of information and interactions that could complicate decision-making. To select a vendor as a finalist, simply click 'Add to Workspace' on a vendor's profile or in the heatmap/homepage section, identifiable by the '🏠' emoji.

After adding your finalists to the Workspace, proceed to the Workspace tab on the OutSail app. Here, you'll find the 'Request Demo' button in the top right-hand corner. Clicking on this initiates the demo request process, which involves answering two important questions:

  1. Are you already in touch with any of these vendors? This information helps ensure continuity by connecting you with the same sales representatives, preserving any progress or discussions you've already had.

  2. Who is your current HRIS vendor? You can select your current provider from our database, add a new vendor if yours isn't listed, or indicate if you don't currently have an HRIS system.

Facilitating Warm Introductions

Upon requesting demos, your OutSail advisor is notified and begins the process of coordinating with the vendors. They will ensure that a sales representative is assigned to you and facilitate warm introductions, setting the stage for productive discussions and demonstrations.

Designing Your Demo

Once the demo request flow is complete, the 'Request Demo' button will update to 'Design my demo.' This advanced feature invites you to delve deeper into your specific needs and preferences for the upcoming demos. You'll be prompted to provide detailed information on your processes and requirements, enabling you to tailor the demo agenda to cover the topics most relevant to your organization.

Why This Step Matters

Requesting demos is more than just a procedural step; it's an opportunity to see your potential HRIS solutions in action. Through live demonstrations, you can assess the functionality, user experience, and alignment of each system with your operational needs and goals. This hands-on evaluation is invaluable in making an informed final decision.

By following these steps to request demos with your top finalists, you're ensuring a thorough and focused evaluation of the HRIS platforms best suited to your organization. OutSail's structured approach, combined with the personalized support of your advisor, provides a clear pathway through the complex HRIS selection landscape, bringing you closer to the ideal solution for your HR technology needs.

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