Collaborating with Colleagues in Your Workspace

Brett Ungashick
Last Updated: 1 month ago

Collaboration is key to making informed decisions, especially when it involves selecting the right HRIS platform for your organization. OutSail simplifies this process by enabling you to invite colleagues to your workspace, fostering a collaborative environment for research and evaluation. This article will guide you on how to add team members to your workspace and effectively manage their roles and permissions.

To start, navigate to the Team tab found along the left-hand side of the OutSail menu. This section is dedicated to managing your workspace's collaborators, making it easy to bring your colleagues on board.

Inviting Colleagues

Inviting colleagues to your workspace is straightforward:

  1. Enter Corporate Email Addresses: In the text box provided, type or paste the corporate email addresses of the colleagues you wish to invite.

  2. Confirming Entries: After entering an email address, press 'Enter' or the 'Space' bar. This action signals that you're done typing, allowing you to add multiple colleagues simultaneously if needed.

Assigning to Groups

OutSail understands that different team members may play varied roles throughout the HRIS selection process. To accommodate this, you have the option to assign invited colleagues to different pre-built groups:

  • Core Team: Members who are directly involved in the decision-making process.

  • Finance: Colleagues from the finance department who may provide input on budget and cost evaluations.

  • IT: IT personnel who can assess the technical compatibility and requirements of the HRIS platforms.

  • Execs: Executive team members who may need to approve the selection or be involved at key decision points.

Assigning colleagues to specific groups allows you to tailor tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that each member contributes effectively based on their expertise and role in the organization.

Setting Permissions

To further customize the collaboration experience, OutSail enables you to assign different levels of permissions to your colleagues:

  • Admin: Admins have comprehensive control over the project's direction. They can add or remove users, select or eliminate vendors, modify scorecard criteria, and more. This role is suited for project leaders or key decision-makers.

  • User: Users can actively contribute by leaving comments, adding scores, and posing questions. This role is designed for team members who provide input and feedback but do not require control over the project settings.

Why Collaborate?

Bringing colleagues into your workspace and assigning them roles and permissions serves multiple purposes:

  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Leveraging the diverse expertise and perspectives of your team leads to more informed decisions.

  • Efficiency: Distributing tasks according to each member's area of expertise speeds up the research and evaluation process.

  • Consensus Building: Collaborating throughout the selection process helps build consensus, ensuring the final HRIS choice aligns with the broader organizational needs and goals.

Collaboration is at the heart of a successful HRIS selection process. By inviting colleagues to join your workspace on OutSail, assigning them to relevant groups, and setting appropriate permissions, you create a dynamic team capable of navigating the complexities of HRIS evaluation with confidence and precision.

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