Unlocking Your Workspace

Brett Ungashick
Last Updated: 1 month ago

Welcome to OutSail! As you embark on your journey to find the perfect HR Tech solutions for your organization, unlocking your workspace is a crucial step. This article explains why unlocking your workspace is necessary, how to do it, and the multitude of benefits you'll gain access to once completed.

Why Do I Need to Unlock My Workspace?

OutSail is committed to offering our comprehensive suite of tools, services, and data exclusively to corporate HR, Finance, Operations, and IT professionals. To maintain the quality and relevance of our platform, we require a brief community onboarding meeting. This 25-minute session ensures that all our resources are utilized by the intended audience, maintaining the integrity and value of the information we provide.

How Do I Unlock My Workspace?

Unlocking your workspace is straightforward:

  1. Within the OutSail platform, you'll notice several 'Unlock for Free' calls-to-action (CTAs).

  2. Click on any of these CTAs, and a window will pop up, presenting you with a 'Schedule Onboarding Meeting' link.

  3. You can choose any available time slot for this meeting that fits your schedule.

What Happens in the Onboarding Meeting?

The onboarding meeting is a concise, 25-minute session designed to welcome you to our community, verify your role, and provide a guided walkthrough of our platform. Here’s a breakdown of the meeting agenda:

  • 5 minutes - Meet & Greet: A chance to introduce ourselves and learn a bit about you and your organization's needs.

  • 5 minutes - Community Guidelines: We'll go over the core principles of our community to ensure a productive and respectful environment for all members.

  • 10 minutes - Guided Walkthrough: An in-depth tour of OutSail's features, focusing on how you can maximize the benefits of our platform.

  • 5 minutes - Q&A: An opportunity for you to ask any questions, ensuring you're ready to fully leverage OutSail's capabilities.

Benefits of Unlocking Your Workspace

Unlocking your workspace opens up a world of possibilities, giving you unlimited access to our market insights, evaluation tools, and advisory services.

  • Market Insights: Dive into 50+ HRIS vendor profiles, user-reported pros and cons, verified pricing estimates, all sorted according to your goals and needs.

  • Evaluation Tools: Utilize project plans, shared scorecards, suggested vendor questions, and collaboration tools to streamline the evaluation process with your team.

  • Advisory Services: Gain access to HRIS industry experts for proposal reviews, negotiation guidance, and preparation for implementation.

Is There a Cost Associated With This Step?

Absolutely not. OutSail is a free resource. As an HRIS broker, we receive a small commission from the winning HRIS vendor when a company makes a purchase through our platform. This arrangement does not affect you financially, as the vendors do not pass this cost onto you. Moreover, we remain vendor-agnostic, partnering with every leading HRIS on the market to ensure you receive unbiased advice tailored to your specific needs.

Unlocking your workspace is the gateway to fully leveraging OutSail's extensive resources and expertise. We're excited to guide you through this process and beyond, ensuring your HR Tech procurement journey is as seamless and effective as possible. Welcome to the OutSail community!

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